The WAY concept focuses on convening a classroom sized group of highly motivated teens (up to 36 students 13-18 years old) from around the world who will be staying in a Davos mountain lodge during the WEF week 19-26/01/2019.

The three pillars of WAY events are “Fun + Learn + Do”:

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1. FUN: bonding with similarly motivated and engaged global teens for a whole week in a relaxed “Winter Camp” environment, doing heaps of cool stuff which is hard to experience elsewhere such as learning about avalanche training with rescue dogs, practicing less common winter sports, etc. It is also crucial to establish an “opinion friendly environment”, thus minimising the paranoia factor of avoiding expressing one’s mind considering that the group is only together for a week. This freedom of expression is not always the case back at school, where sometimes being truly candid about one’s feelings may come with severe consequences like bullying, shunning, etc. A core objective is therefore to motivate the group to swiftly bond as strongly as possible with a spirit fostering trust and understanding and to remain in contact well after the event, eventually mentoring posterior WAY classes, etc

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2. LEARN: having fun with friends establishes a relaxed and open mindset, making the class better prepared to learn from the experts invited as speakers and from one another. We intend to invite WEF participants to come up the mountain to give brief talks on their areas of expertise to the group whenever suitable, aligning the WAY programme with relevant topics of the WEF Transformation Maps. Learning from the world’s foremost experts also minimises the likelihood of students not taking the subjects too seriously as they might when taught by their school teachers – also giving them “street cred” to spread what they learn to others after heading back home


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3. DO: once they’ve learned about subjects highly relevant to their future, they will have to produce specific deliverables too – at least four major topics (e.g Future of Work, Cyberbullying, Artificial Intelligence, Fake News, etc) should become structured presentations defining specific action points, which other teenagers worldwide can strive to achieve themselves. These presentations will be created through group consensus, moderated by (slightly) older monitors from prestigious Swiss institutions such as ETH/EPFL and perhaps even supported by elder siblings of students if they also wish to participate in the event as volunteers

These presentations will then be translated into the most commonly spoken languages in the world (Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, etc) and sent to schools all around the planet via UNICEF and similar channels. As a significant amount of recent didactic materials is only available in English, this helps eliminate the huge knowledge gap which clearly disadvantages teenage who are not native speakers.


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The desired outcomes of the Davos Wisdom Accelerator for Youth are as follows:

  • Having the freshest knowledge from the brightest experts on highly relevant global topics, seen through the eyes of engaged teenagers and described in languages which stakeholders worldwide can understand (teens and their parents)
  • Establishing a framework which can be repeated not only in Davos, bus also in similar mega-conferences where relevant subject matter experts convene at the same time. The follow up event to this pilot would be in New York during the United Nations General Assembly Week in September 2019 .
  • Create a strong community of precocious movers and shakers who motivate one another and can together achieve seemingly insurmountable goals – whenever necessary by asking for support from the speakers invited to speak at WAY events as mentors, door openers, etc

We are at the moment looking for participants, volunteers and sponsors to help us set up this first edition of the Wisdom Accelerator for Youth in Davos during the upcoming World Economic Forum in January 2019. If you wish to participate in this initiative, please contact us at marcelo@broadlights.org