“Blockchain for Social Good” Panel at Zug Impact Summit 2017

BroadLights was kindly invited by the Swiss Impact Investment Association (SIIA.ch) and by the government of the Canton of Zug to speak at the “Blockchain for Social Good” panel on Monday 30/10/17 during the second annual edition of the Zug Impact Summit (http://siia.ch/impact-summit-2017).

This panel focused on how Blockchain technologies can accelerate the global achievement of UN SDGs and was comprised of three other speakers very active in this domain:

Karl H Richter, UNDP SDG Impact Finance (UNSIF)

Olinga Taeed, Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Govern

Efi Pylarinou, Dailyfintech.com

This year’s event brought a unique Interfaith perspective to investment and had the participation of several entities which are seldom present in similar gatherings – such as the Vatican, NASA, the Prince of Wales foundation and many others.

Many thanks to SIIA President Klaus-Michael Christensen for the opportunity to share my thoughts on this highly relevant sector.


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