Small Island Developing States and SDGs

It was a great pleasure to meet at the first Smart Island World Congress edition in Mallorca Mr. Anote Tong, Kiribati’s former president and climate change thought leader.
Kiribati (pronounced as “Keereebass” 🇰🇮) may be an exotic-sounding and fairly unknown country, but they’re extremely relevant for a very critical reason: being so flat they will be the first nation to disappear with raising sea levels and therefore act as the “canary in the mine” when it comes to proactively dealing with the hundreds of thousands Climate Refugees that such catastrophe(s) will unfortunately create in the near future.
We had a long and productive conversation on how to save his homeland from vanishing into the Pacific (coming up with a few novel approaches too!) and I’d be delighted to introduce anyone who may be in a position to support their very worthy cause to his organisation.
My country will be underwater soon – unless we work together

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