Future Explorers


25-27 Jul‘19

Future Explorers (Fx) kicks off with Asian pilot event

A learning journey into forthcoming horizons of knowledge, Future Explorers (Fx) is a new “unconference” event series nurtured by the pioneering spirit of the Explorer and the intrinsic curiosity of visionary thinkers called Futurists. It leverages insights from QuantumFutures.io, plus the format and success of CryptoExplorers.org and WisdomAccelerator.org – which have altogether been successfully run more than ten times around the world (including in Singapore’18) – as well as benefitting from the presence of some of the world’s most cutting edge thinkers today.

The future is approaching faster than ever and humanity is experiencing accelerated evolution one million times quicker than Nature’s pace. Most leaders are becoming aware that a convergence of exponential technologies is bringing more and more disruption to our environments, thus our societies and economies must unavoidably transition to a Post-Industrial World. What is called for at this time of human history is a new type of champion – who can leverage imagination to perceive scenarios ahead, remaining steadfast navigating uncertainty and serendipity. 

What is Future Explorers?

Future Explorers brings together top notch visionaries from multiple regions of the planet, areas of expertise and industrial sectors. Fx is above all a community of deeply curious individuals who wish to continuously and progressively understand their surroundings and enhance their personal state of readiness to proactively improve the state of society in the future. They come from several countries and from a huge variety of backgrounds –  some of those being very unexpected, as they tend to reflect combined areas of human knowledge necessary to brave the frontiers of what will become possible in the decades ahead. We hope you too can come and join us in this transformative emergent journey.

Future Explorers participants are driven to cultivate their inner resilience and refine their response levels to the significant randomness of life which many strategists synthesise as VUCA (= Volatility + Uncertainty + Complexity + Ambiguity). Above all Fparticipants are people who ask many questions, comprehending that the journey’s goal is to garner profound insights which stem from an emergent and chaotic learning path.

Some goals of Future Explorers

Where are we heading? Forecasts and predictions by global visionaries about future trends and events – including Blockchain, 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies, Geopolitics, Economics and much much more. Our combined imagination of what’s possible is the only true limit.

How to approach the future? How do cultivate the psychological mindset which thrives in change? Approaching the future requires creativity, imagination, purpose, resilience and collective intelligence.

How to become a Future Explorer? Beyond the multiple talks you will explore the future using Singapore as your playground in smaller groups – with the goal to overcome petty fears, bond with peers and gain insight to evolve into a community strongly united by common passions.

The Future Explorers event format

We will have a number of formal talks through the weekend and space in between to meet people and embark on your journey into the future.

Memorable side events are planned including:
> Sailing around Singapore
> Placid time in a Zen Monastery
> Visits to innovative Singaporean companies
> “24hrs Airport Roulette Mission” (optional)

        …and many more

Confirmed Speakers

Nikolas Badminton ≫ Toronto-based Futurist who explores the implications of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (ioT), Big Data, Privacy and Surveillance, Renewable Energy, Blockchain, Biohacking and many other innovations



Benjamin J Butler ≫ Speaker and Writer based in Asia, Global Future Council on Computing at the World Economic Forum (WEF), Faculty of European Institute of Exponential Technologies and Desirable Futures, UN Resilience Frontiers Keynote Futurist



Christian Citu ≫ Digital Transformation Lead at the World Economic Forum, hosting the Global Futures Council on Computing. Christian has previously designed the Digital Transformation framework at DHL and is a frequent international speaker



Marcelo Garcia ≫ During the European Refugee Crisis, soldiers near the Syrian border misidentified him as a smuggler and opened fire with assault rifles (they missed). He has been to 2/3 of all UN countries and has a few more stories to share



Dan Jeffries* ≫ Sci-fi Author and Futurist. His popular blog and podcast covers a wide range of future tech from Artificial Intelligence to Cryptocurrency. He is the number one writer at the popular magazine Hacker Noon (hackernoon.com)



Ben Khoo ≫ Founder and CTO of Elion House, with over ten years’ experience across all clean technology sectors. Nominated by Bloomberg as one of their “New Energy Pioneers”



Dan Mapes* ≫ Founder of Verses Foundation, which is pioneering the development of the Spatial Internet. Founder and CEO of Cyberlab – a Global Deep Tech Lab. Dan was a Technical Advisor to the Obama Presidential Campaign



Jeremy O’Brien ≫ One of the top names in Quantum Computing today, Jeremy is the CEO of PsiQuantum Corp and Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on the Future of Computing



Yuri Van Geest ≫ Author, Speaker, Visionary and Founder of Singularity University Benelux. Co-author of the highly acclaimed best selling business book “Exponential Organizations”, which sold more than 300’000 copies in 20 languages



Anthony Willoughby* ≫ Co-Founder of the Nomadic School of Business, organizing experiences taking selected groups of executives to immerse themselves in nomadic communities in East Africa and Mongolia



* Speakers marked with an asterisk will most likely be joining us via video conference this time

Pricing and conditions

The pilot is free to attend by invitation only, but to support this initiative and allow us to do more fun activities with the group we ask applicants to consider contributing with a donation of SG$500 for the full day on Friday 26th. Sponsorship packages including speaker slots are also available and include one or more passes to attend the whole event. Payments methods available are credit card, PayPal, crypto or bank wire (see below).

Referrals from QuantumFutures.io, CryptoExplorers.org and WisdomAccelerator.org friends make acceptance more likely. We accept limited applications from qualified scholars (MSc/PhD/Post Doc students) to attend Fx  events for free – excluding travel and accommodation costs. Scholar spots are capped and mostly intended to support students funding their academic activities through modest stipends.

The Future Explorers Singapore pilot edition is co-curated by Benjamin Butler and Marcelo Garcia.

Event Locations on Fri 26th

09:00-11:00 – Grasshopper Asia (HFT Desk Office): #07-02 / #07-03 China Square Central, 18 Cross Street, Singapore 048423

11:30-16:30 – ONE15 Yachting (Sentosa); yacht name is “RULIN”, berth H01 next to the Boater’s Bar

17:00-20:00 – PayPal Innovation Lab. 8 Temasek Boulevard, #30-01/02; Suntec Tower 5

For the event at the PayPal Innovation Center please register using the link below:


How to apply

Application to the Singapore pilot is mostly via personal referrals to the organisers, but in case you’d like to join us bypassing the standard referral process please send an email to info@future-explorers.org sharing your background and motivation to join this initial event. Once your application is approved please use the payment buttons below:

Future Explorers Singapore Pilot Edition (Jul’19)

Suggested donation for the Future Explorers Singapore Pilot Edition (Jul'19). Some meals included; travel to Singapore and accommodation expenses not included.


Future Explorers


25-27 Jul‘19